To Save Money For Your Company Try Converting To Compatible Oki c5200n Toner

by Ben Pate

If you're a small business owner, you know how much copier and printer toner can cost you. But did you know that compatible toner cartridges are not only completely safe to buy for your printers and copiers, but also extremely cost effective? Recently, one of our readers wrote in to let us know what happened when he bought a large supply of compatible Oki c5200 toner.

As a project manager for a mid-sized regional restaurant supply company, one of Mike Walters' duties is to buy toner cartridges. After his thorough research on cost and quality, Mike decided to choose a web distributor who sold a compatible Oki toner cartridge for 1/3 to half the cost of the Oki brand name toner. The result was an impressive 16 percent saved on his entire budget for the month.

He requested that the compatible cartridges be used in the company's two hundred Oki 5200. He was skeptical of the exercise until he found that the compatible Oki c5200n supplies had the same quality as the name-brand ink he had been purchasing at a much higher cost. Mike wrote that "I checked out some of the copies personally and they looked good."

It has been said that compatible Oki 5200 toner cartridges are produced by distributors that use the exact same if not better inks and electronic components. These companies also perform the exact same rigorous quality assurance testing on their cartridges, which means that you will receive a high-quality, one hundred percent compatible product at a fraction of the cost.

Mike's story didn't end there, though. Three months down the road, Mike was chosen as manager of the month, mostly due to his cost-cutting strategies. His company was so impressed with the amount saved, they asked Mike to take over toner purchasing for the whole company, which wound up saving them tens of thousands of dollars each year...all this by switching to the compatible Oki c5200n toner.

We can all be inspired by Mike's story of cutting expenses and raising profits. You can begin by asking your office supplier about lower-cost Oki toners that are compatible with your copier. By using the amounts they give you, you can do your own cost comparison on the internet. Expand your research to other products. Even little changes can mean big savings in the bottom line.

The costs of replacement toner cartridges for copiers and printers can be outrageous. But did you know you have an alternative? One client enjoyed significant savings by switching to remanufactured Okidata toner cartridges. As he soon found out, these cartridges performed just as well as the originals in his company's machines as the Okidata 5200 toner. A great side effect was that this idea saved his company so much money, that he got a big career boost. Of course we can't guarantee you a better career by switching to remanufactured cartridges, but we can assure you of the quality and savings you will enjoy.

Published October 11th, 2007

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