Get Clients To Reach Your Goals

by Travis Greenlee

Professional services marketing is one of several ways to help small businesses get more clients. This method is in use by many people. Acquiring clients is a very important keystone of successful small business ownership.

Quickly getting clients is so important because when starting a new business you have very few clients to begin with. Without these clients your new business will not survive. So your job as an entrepreneur is to acquire new clients. After all, your business exists because of your clients and for your clients.

It is true that a business operation can survive with few clients if the business is designed around a few clients. For instance a car parts manufacturer can survive with only one major car company buying their parts. However, the flaw lies therein. If for some reason a contract does not get extended or if the relations between the two companies falls apart, then the supplier is going to lose its only client and thus go defunct.

Another key reason that having more clients is essential to successful business operations is for longevity. Clients will come and go throughout the course of business. The more clients that a smaller business has the more longevity they will enjoy. Because as clients come and go the business still has sufficient means to operate and continue to incorporate new clients into their business strategy.

Throughout the life-cycle of a business, there is a point in time where-in the smaller business extends beyond itself into something larger. It is, however, difficult to make the distinction between a small and large business due to the transition being reliant on the amount of business that is being performed, and the actual gross receipts being produced.

The number of clients that a business has does not affect it classification as a small business. A business is classified according their gross receipts, meaning that a business may have a large number of clients, but can still be classed as a small business. Conversely, a business may have one client, but can be a large business

The ability to get clients is one of the most important factors in the success of a small business. Clients increase the feasibility of a new business getting off the ground, and increase the longevity of a currently successful business. A business only exists as long as it has clients, and new clients are essential to replace clients that go out of business, and are also necessary to grow the small company into a larger one. Professional services marketing is just one of the paths you can use to achieve this goal.

Published September 7th, 2007

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